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Bunkotel’s Guide to top 5 haunted places in Mussoorie.

Mussoorie like any other hill station set-up by Britishers has its fair share of Haunting stories and places to share. If you are a ghostbuster or have the itch to become one then these are the top 5 haunted locations for you. We warn you though to not go there alone.


Lambi Dhar Mines

The Himalayan region as a whole is full of limestones, an ideal ingredient in the manufacturing cement. This limestone is dug from quarries. These quarries are situated in Lambi Dhar area of Mussoorie. Many limestone diggers and labourers used to live in nearby quarters when it was a full-fledged quarry. Legend has it that labourers and miners died there while some mishaps. Their voices and screams and cries can be heard even after sunset! Even the mighty and braves have run after dark from there. The whole township is scenic and haunting at the same place if you visit the place in peak Monsoons.

2. Pari Tibba

Whole Uttarakhand is filled tales of fairies “Aachris” in the local language.; Pari Tibba Literally means “Fairies Hill”. Legend has it that these hills are frequented by fairies. But don’t confuse these fairies as the one you read tales about in your childhood. The tales that you will often hear from the locals are of haunting, blood-sucking, vicious fairies. Visit it if you want to spot one or two! Nevertheless, this place is pristine in beauty.

3.Hotel Mullingar

This hotel was one of the first settlements in the area of Mussoorie and Landour. This place was full of horse riding Englishmen at the times of the Raj. Today this is a majority Tibetan settlement. Legend around the town is that this flat that you can see in the photo is the starting point of a headless horse rider who wields a naked sword and goes on a horse ride till clock tower every full moonlight. Go on a full moonlight and see if you might spot him!

4. Hotel Savoy

The first hotel in the city is also the most haunted! Hotel Savoy was too many Murders in the city. One lady Last Garnet had come to stay and was found murdered under mysterious circumstances. Legend has it that she roams about asking about her murderer to innocent guests.

5. Cemetery at the Camel’s Back Road

This cemetery is now not in use ! So you can easily imagine how old it might be. The place has graves of John Lang the famous Australian lawyer of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Famous Pahadi Wilson amongst its final resident. The graves although not haunting in particular literally, can be quite intimidating to watch just by the adjacent road on a thunderous, stormy, monsoon night when under lightning you have the courage to see the graves under the canopy of thick deodar trees. Not everyone can take the dare !

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