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Famous Men In Cemeteries of Mussoorie

Mussoorie after becoming a full-fledged Town in the hills was full of life and famous people used to live here naturally they loved the town so much that they went to their resting places in the town’s famous cemeteries.

John Hindmarsh — He was one of the survivors of British Cavalry during the famous Crimean War. If you are an English literature buff you can read the Alfred Tennyson “The Charge of Light Brigade” about the famous battle during the Crimean War. He is resting on camel’s back road, just around 150-200 metres from Bunkotel.

Fredrich (Pahari) Wilson — This man famous for being an Adventurer fell in love with hills, married a pahadi women and settled in Harsil Area of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand. This man is famous for making his fortune in timber trade where he used to fell the trees in the Harsil area and they used to travel by river Ganges to a place where log industry was set up and it was the place where it was chopped and turned into finished products. He is also famous to make his own coins! And also credited with getting apple seeds from England and sowing them in Harsil and thus laying roots for the famous Harsil apples. He died in 1883 and rests at camel’s back road cemetery.

John Lang — This man an Australian, was Maharani Lakshmi Bai’s Lawyer and fought energetically against the British for the Maharani. This man is a way is kind of a freedom fighter since he fought against the tyranny of the British. He died in 1864 and is enjoying his resting place at camel’s back road cemetery.


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