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Travel Budget = Travel More

While coming from work the other day, My eyes encountered a “bunk bed” in my local furniture shops, and immediately it made me nostalgic about my hostel days. In fact, my parents were so fond of the space-saving bunk beds that they just bought a similar home which me and my sister shared for good 14 years till the time we moved out of the house.

Thankfully Hostels around the world, have taken the very bed and used it to grant the “frugal tribe” a boon for budget travel. Some people have the deep aversion to living and travelling on a budget but the tribe which swears by travelling on the budget so that they can travel more. And secondly, the lack of funds should be the last thing for us to travel to the length and breadths of this unique world. This is a guide to tell you five-pointer so that you get inspired to travel budget and travel more.

1. Hostels are great

While travelling on a budget or otherwise one thing that pinches budget conscious fellow travellers is expensive rooms. Budget-friendly clean and cheap friendly hostels are a respite to the tribe. Needless to stay this also an opportunity to make new amazing friends. Hostels ?? Umm, remember dormitory or your school hostel? Staying here is similar to that. You have to compromise on space and quietness, but you are surrounded by your fellow tribe members. Hotels are conventional while Hostels are unconventional and unique. You can meet different characters while staying at a hostel, and who knows that friendship can be of a lifetime. Hotels are conventional while Hostels are unconventional and unique.

2. Transportation is one unique experience in itself.

We know, it is certainly not possible to just take a bus or train for intercontinental travel. But while travelling within certain well-connected continents, intra-country you should if you have time, go for buses and trains than planes. You get to see so many unique picturesque locales, cosy nook and corners that will surely be missed by flights. Needless to say, it is a way to make new connections. And of course, many times trains and buses are subsidised by the government in many countries so are cheaper than air travel. A sure shot way to save that extra.

3. Try to walk

When you walk on foot rather than local transport in any city life slowly come to a halt. It in a way lets you explore the city and taste the local architecture and way of life. Plus it is an easy way to catch on your missed workout sessions. People eat and gorge on local food which are loaded with calories while on a holiday and if you walk instead of taking buses, taxis, trams you can easily leave those extra kilos which comes with high-calorie food. So tie your laces, fill the air in your lungs and march on!

4. Street food = Authentic culture

Continental food is for your home city, to save money while experiencing authentic cultural experience street food is the best option. Try to find out with you local hostel what unique eats, the city has to offer. Fine dining, regular run of mill restaurant are ok but to really taste the city, you should really master the art of finding and savouring street food. Just watch for a little relative hygiene though!

5. Miss those “tourist spots” and be a little rebel !

This can be a little tricky and stressful, going to Agra and not visiting Taj Mahal? A little awkward in one sense but if you think of the whole experience you generally encounter in a cliche tourist spot like overpriced attraction and million tourists- not exactly what you wished for. Tourist spots for most of us have become mundane and tick in the box rather than exploration spots.

There is certainly no wish to fret, you just have to pacify and train your mind to think beyond obvious. To save a few important monies just try to walk and explore things which are not in your guidebook like Lonely Planet. To know about a city go to places where the tourist is not present.


Try to travel with a limited budget and your mind will become creative and full of ideas. This stretches your imagination more than a regular tourist mind and perspective. Try to miss that expensive Starbucks for a local cafe, buses for walks, fine dining for street vends, cliche tourist spots for unique and free experiences in the city.

After talking so much about the goodies that budget travel offers to let me talk about the downsides, the lack of space, long transportation, taxing walks -but the benefits of budget travel will let you save to travel more and experience more. Remember you are cheap on your budget, not your experiences!

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