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Why stay in a hostel rather than a hotel in Mussoorie?

We, like most of you, enjoy travelling on a budget. And, like most of you, you want to travel more while saving money on lodging. Of course, this comes with a price, a price to forego a few hotel services. But who cares as long as the rooms and toilets are clean and there is hot water in the toilet? So far, the only hostel in the centre of the Mall Road in Mussoorie, Bunkotel, is suitable for visitors.

Hostels provide a "no frills" (no frills - means no TV, service, breakfast, or room service) experience for a variety of reasons. We considered making a list of them. Budget hotels in Mussoorie are few and far between, and they rarely match the cleanliness that Bunkotel provides. If you truly need to persuade yourself and others, read on

Money well spent

Hostels are inexpensive; they are less expensive than a typical hotel at any time of year. For a group of friends or a large family, it is always cost effective. If you are travelling for a lengthy period of time, you should seek for low-cost choices such as a hostel where you will just be staying for the night.

Various budgets

Some hotels also provide privacy alternatives (Bunkotel has all private rooms). Other hostels may provide shared space dorms, which are OK if you don't mind sacrificing privacy.


While you may not reserve any accommodations as a vagrant, you are likely to find a spot to sleep. However, even the hostels are already full during peak season, so don't expect to obtain a room. However, both the hostels and the personnel are known for their flexibility.

Insider Information

Staff at hostels are frequently locals who are familiar with the area. Where to buy inexpensive bikes, use the bus, and eat on a budget. They have a wealth of knowledge about the city that hotel staff seem to overlook. They are always willing to provide any help needed

Tours and excursions

Hostels partner with trekking and tour companies (Bunkotel has one) to provide a variety of treks and tours. You can do it on your own, but what's wrong with having something delivered to your door?

Hostels are enjoyable.

Hostels are places where the vast majority of the individuals you meet are young. They have similar goals and objectives. Interacting with them can lead to the formation of new friendships and contacts.

And who knows it may start a new story, hmmm ?

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